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2nd Performance Management Workshop

(Timezone - Europe/Belgrade)
Zoom room

Zoom room

Virtually Hosted
Ivana Golub (PSNC), Pavle Vuletic (UoB), Tim Chown (Jisc)

The Network Technologies and Services Evolution work package of the GÉANT GN4-3 project is organising a 2nd workshop on Performance Management. The first workshop was organised in Zagreb on 4th-5th March 2020. 

The workshop will include presentations on and discussions of:

  • High speed network monitoring and data transfers (100G)

  • Monitoring data analytics and correlation

The workshop was recorded. Video recording is available here.

  • Alex Moura
  • Andrew Lake
  • Angel Galindo Muñoz
  • Antanas Urnikis
  • Antoine Delvaux
  • Arjun Solanki
  • Azael Fernandez
  • Belal Darwish
  • Bojan Jakovljevic
  • Bu Sung Lee
  • Chrysostomos Tziouvaras
  • Dainius Dzemyda
  • David Schmitz
  • Douglas Southworth
  • Duncan Rand
  • Dónal Cunningham
  • Edgar Inácio
  • Einar Lillebrygfjeld
  • Elisantila Gaci
  • Emanuel Massano
  • Emmanuel Togo
  • Ezra Kissel
  • Fabio Farina
  • Hank Nussbacher
  • Håvard Eidnes
  • Indrek Rokk
  • Italo Valcy Silva Brito
  • Ivan Garnizov
  • Ivana Golub
  • Jeronimo Bezerra
  • João Silva
  • Ljubomir Hrboka
  • Marcos Schwarz
  • Mariaisabel Gandia Carriedo
  • Marian Babik
  • Marija Emso
  • Marinos Dimolianis
  • Mario Reale
  • Matej Vadnjal
  • Matheus Santhiago
  • Niall Donaghy
  • Nikos Kostopoulos
  • Olav Kvittem
  • Otto J Wittner
  • Pedro Lorga
  • Renata Frez de Lima
  • Richard Hughes-Jones
  • Robert Stoy
  • Robert Tadevosyan
  • Robert Wein
  • Rogerio Motitsuki
  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Sadi Kocak
  • Scott Campbell
  • Shawn McKee
  • Silvije Milišić
  • Simon Leinen
  • Stanley Han
  • Sven Ubik
  • Szymon Trocha
  • Tomas Valiukevicius
  • Valeriu Vraciu
  • Vasilis Maglaris
  • Vinicius Medeiros
  • Will Barber
  • Xavier Jeannin
  • Yatish Kumar
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 14 others
    • 2:00 PM 2:15 PM
      Welcome and introduction
      Convener: Pavle Vuletic (University of Belgrade)
    • 2:15 PM 3:10 PM
      High speed network monitoring
      • 2:15 PM
        100G tests between GEANT, SURF and RNP 15m

        Over the last three months, we have been running network performance tests involving perfSONAR hosts in Europe, Brazil and USA. We have
        also compared results with tests run on a test bed with four hosts connected to a switch.

        One special case of our tests involved testing the new Bela link that connects Europe (through Portugal) to Brazil at 100G. We were aiming to identify routing problems, and to obtain maximal throughput with a minimum of retransmits. We tested the effect of different congestion of algorithms, socket length and MTU.

        We report sustained throughput from Netherlands to Fortaleza above 96Gbps. We present cases of limited performance between 100G hosts and try to identify the reasons for low performance.

        Speaker: Raul Lopes (JISC)
      • 2:30 PM
        Data Mover Challenge (DMC) 2021 report 15m
        Speakers: Andrew Howard (Australian National University, Australia), Tim Chown (JISC)
      • 2:45 PM
        Achieving 100 Gigabit Performance 15m

        The talk will present the tests and measurements made on 100 Gigabit network infrastructure using TCP/IP. It will cover three domains: between end sites in the UK and Italy, between Latin America and Europe using the EllaLink Submarine Cable, and transfers between Australia to Europe to support SKA using both a path via the US and a path on the CAE1 link.

        Speaker: Richard Hughes-Jones (GEANT)
      • 3:00 PM
        Q&A 10m
    • 3:10 PM 3:20 PM
      Coffee break
    • 3:20 PM 5:15 PM
      Analytics and correlation
      • 3:20 PM
        PMP data analytics 15m

        Performance Measurement Platform explores performance of the GÉANT backbone while experiencing perfSONAR on small nodes. In our work we explore the possibilities of using machine learning algorithms on perfSONAR collected data in order to detect network anomalies.

        Speaker: Ljubomir Hrboka (CARNET)
      • 3:35 PM
        Detecting anomalous latency and jitter in Timemap 15m

        Timemap is a real-time monitoring tool to collect, visualize and analyze latency and jitter. Timemap is collecting data from the Géant backbone devices since April 2021. Recent Timemap updates introduce support for streaming ML anomaly detection. In this talk we will introduce the algorithms adopted in Timemap, the usability improvement enabled by the new feature and we will discuss some detection performance aspects.

        Speaker: Fabio Farina (GARR)
      • 3:50 PM
        AI/ML based path optimisation 15m
        Speakers: Nichloas Buraglio (ESnet), Scott Campbell (ESnet)
      • 4:05 PM
        Q&A 10m
      • 4:15 PM
        SAND project 15m
        Speaker: Shawn McKee (University of Michigan)
      • 4:30 PM
        NetSage 15m

        NetSage is an open privacy-aware network measurement, analysis, and visualization service designed to address the needs of today's international networks. Modern science is increasingly data-driven and collaborative in nature, producing petabytes of data that can be shared by tens to thousands of scientists all over the world. NetSage services provide an unprecedented combination of passive and active measurements, including SNMP data, flow data, and tstat-based traffic analysis, perfSONAR, and longitudinal network performance data visualization. Several new applications of the NetSage framework are being explored for campus use, upcoming HL-LHC data challenges, and as the basis for other monitoring platforms such as ESnet's Stardust. This talk will explain how NetSage operates, its current applications, and plans for future development.

        Speaker: Doug Southworth (Indiana University)
      • 4:45 PM
        Stardust 15m
        Speaker: Andrew Lake (ESNET)
      • 5:00 PM
        Q&A 10m
      • 5:10 PM
        Wrap up 5m