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GÉANT Infoshare: Quantum Key Distribution simulation

(Timezone - Europe/Brussels)

Quantum Key Distribution is a technology at an early stage. A QKD link requires optical connection between the network nodes. For now, there are not many quantum hardware suppliers and the hardware available is very expensive. Network simulation appears a good solution to validate the different elements that made up a QKD service (network algorithm or protocol), to save a lot of money and time in creating a testbed and to start becoming familiar with this technology. The simulators are different levels of simulation (optical layer, the key distribution service, ..). This infoshare proposes an introduction to two simulators:

  • QuISP (Quantum Internet Simulation Package) - An open-source quantum network simulation package optimised for repeater/router software development focussing on optical layer.
  • QKDNETSIM (Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation Module for NS-3) is targeting more the Quantum key distribution service by itself.

This infoshare aims to identify if a virtual QKD testbed could be of interest for European NRENs and they could use it.

Video of the infoshare: https://youtu.be/aawgwziy7hk

  • Andreas Poppe
  • Artur Binczewski
  • Bernardo Costa
  • Christoph Witzig
  • Chrysostomos Tziouvaras
  • Domenico Vicinanza
  • Emir Dervisevic
  • Eoin Kenny
  • Helmut Sverenyák
  • Ivana Golub
  • Jacob Ninan
  • Jan Torreele
  • Johann Briffa
  • Josef Vojtech
  • João Nuno Ferreira
  • Kurt Bauer
  • Manfred Niehus
  • Marcel Stuurman
  • Mario Di Lorenzo
  • Matthew Dovey
  • Miralem Mehic
  • Miroslav Voznak
  • Nigel Walker
  • Noel Farrugia
  • Olaf Schjelderup
  • Panayiota Smyrli
  • Peter Kaufmann
  • Petr Munster
  • Petros Papapetropoulos
  • petros papapetropoulos
  • Piotr Rydlichowski
  • Piotr Sąsiedzki
  • Piotr Turowicz
  • Rudolf Vohnout
  • Sandra Fernandes
  • Sascha Schweiger
  • Stefan Winter
  • Susanne Naegele-Jackson
  • Tim Chown
  • Vladimir Smotlacha
  • Vlado Pribolšan
  • Wojbor Bogacki
  • Zenon Mousmoulas
  • 10 others