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eHealth Task Force BoF @ TNC21

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)



eHealth is an area of growing interest for our community, given its increasingly central role in enhancing the quality of medical care.

New user-centric services are being designed and provided, to ensure every citizen's right to health, for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

In the implementation of future eHealth, patients will be more an more in control of what information about their medical records will be made accessible,  getting back in turn highly personalised medical services suited and tuned to respond to their specific health needs, with higher impact and effectiveness with respect to the general, common medical practice based diagnostics and therapy. 

Genomics analysis, DNA sequencing,  digital twins, AI, ML and robotics will change the landscape for the way eHealth will be provided to patients, and will provide new instruments for doctors and specialists to work.

Do we, the community of NRENs  - and our connected health institutions - have a role to play in all this ?

We believe yes: join this BoF to discuss what should the  GÉANT Community eHealth Task Force be focusing upon.

We count on your participation and contribution: we will present the work done so far by the Task Force, its Steering Committee, and welcome discussions on the proposed work plan, gathering input from our community and calling for volunteers to participate. 

We will use Zoom on


Organizers: Mario Reale, GÉANT, Marina de Giorgi, GÉANT and Leonie Schäfer, DFN

  • Alan Taylor
  • Alexandr Shapkin
  • Anne Inapat
  • Arevik Stepanyan
  • Arjan Xhelaj
  • Aytan Ahmadova
  • Branko Marović
  • Caitlin Ahern
  • Claudio Chacon
  • Cristina Aguilar
  • Cristina Shimoda
  • Dzmitry Paulenka
  • Edit Herczog
  • Eduard Snezhko
  • Efraín García
  • Frankie Stevens
  • Gabriele von Voigt
  • George Konnis
  • Gilles Mathieu
  • Hrvoje Belani
  • Ieva Muraškienė
  • Jezreel Nyange
  • Joao Miranda
  • Judah Opuck
  • Juliusz Pukacki
  • Lala Karayeva
  • Leonie Schäfer
  • Luis Cadenas
  • Luiz Ary Messina
  • Malcolm Teague
  • Mariuxy James
  • Mikhail Natenzon
  • Monica Lopez
  • Naira Kocharyan
  • Neringa Jackevice
  • Olga Marina Hernández Orobio
  • Olga Popcova
  • Paola Arellano
  • Paulo Lopes
  • Raed Al-Zoubi
  • Robert Pekal
  • Ruta Segamogaite
  • Sabrina Tomassini
  • Serghei Cobuscean
  • Stephen Lovell
  • Tania Altamirano López
  • Tomohiko Moriyama
  • Vassili Kovalev
  • Vlado Pribolšan
  • Zarifa Jabrayilova
  • Željko Puškarić
  • 5 others
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