NREN Sustainability Around the Globe BoF – A Chance to Share and Discuss

(Timezone - Europe/Brussels)



Many NRENs face challenges in developing and maintaining stakeholder support and securing funding that will ensure their ongoing sustainability. Related factors include regulatory issues and monopolies, budget-conscious financial directors at R&E institutions, changes of government, fluctuating financial markets, etc. Nevertheless, there are many success stories of NRENs that thrive despite local challenges.

This BoF aims to bring together representatives of NRENs who wish to share their experiences of meeting sustainability challenges with others who are experiencing them and are interested in learning about approaches taken around the world.

Connection Details:

Meeting ID: 620 5257 1120

Passcode: 550289


  • Abdullahi Hussein
  • Akhtaruzzaman Muhamad
  • Alex Bushell
  • Galia Rivas
  • George Konnis
  • Helga Spitaler
  • Irina Matthews
  • John Chapman
  • Juan Pablo Carvallo
  • Ramaz Kvatadze
  • Roshan Ragel
  • Tom Fryer
  • Warda Al Habsi
  • Yousif Asfour
  • 3 others
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