GÉANT Infoshare - Data Transfer Nodes: How Fast can your Data Travel?

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Ivana Golub, Ivana Golub, Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo, Tim Chown

Some research projects need to move huge amounts of data. Using a desktop computer and the regular network to do it may not be the right option to get the best performance. Setting up a DTN node is not always straightforward: there are different types of software, some parameters need to be tuned in the servers, distances reduce the performance in TCP...

The GN4-3 project, in its WP6 T2, has performed several tests using the GÉANT Testbed Service (GTS). The results are published in a matrix and the documentation and the scripts to set up nodes in a dockerised environment are available in the DTN wiki (https://wiki.geant.org/display/DTN).

This Infoshare will summarise the work around DTN done in the project, presenting the results, the matrix and the documentation. 

Date: December 9th, 13:00 CEST, in https://geant.zoom.us/j/62522062239  (the password will be shared with the registered attendees before the Infoshare). The Infoshare will be recorded.

Data Transfer Nodes: How Fast can your Data Travel?
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