GÉANT Infoshare: In-band Network Telemetry Measurements

(Timezone - Europe/Rome)
Virtually Hosted
Mauro Campanella (GARR)

In this GEANT infoshare we will present the latest results from the work in WP6 of the GEANT GN4-3 project on In-band Network Telemetry (INT) using data plane programming.

We will report on tests where each packet in a set of e2e UDP flows between four sites in different NRENS (CESNET, FBK in GARR, NTUA in GRNET and UvA in SURFNET) is measured, at capacities between 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. using INT. The effect of transport in the core backbones on the timing profile of flows is quantified at the microsecond level.

The second presentation will briefly detail how to implement in a Tofino based platform, using the P4 language, a function to generate a UDP flow with very precise timing profile for each packet.

The Zoom room can be joined at: https://geant.zoom.us/j/4503592607?pwd=UkdRYWZkWlN6bE9SVGVjbktNYVY3dz09
The connection test could be done between 14:30 and 15:00 CET
** Note that this infoshare will be recorded **


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