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TNC22 (Trieste, Italy)


Trieste, Italy

SIG-CISS is a discussion forum for the Community to exchange know-how, best practices and to identify useful synergies on their Cloud activities. It spans from the coordination of the upstream contributions to key open source project dealing with the Cloud, to the common usage of the GÉANT Cloud procurement framework, in place to empower NRENs with effective means to support their member institutions in the adoption Cloud services.
SIG-CISS meets in person at TNC22 to discuss about interoperable Clouds in the GÉANT Community and report about the latest developments NRENs have been involved in, while providing Cloud services.

This SIG-CISS at TNC22 will likely be – based on what has been suggested so far, and given the total extension of the assigned time slot ( 2 x 1,5 h) – either a series of short talk from the NRENs describing the overall status of their cloud activities, or a thematic meeting dedicated to a specific topic  ( likely, storage services and implied challenges, to start with).

Meeting agenda at 

This event is a TNC22 side meeting. In order to attend, participants will need to purchase a €30 (€36 including VAT) side meeting pass on the TNC22 website

Remote participation will be supported. (no need to purchase pass for connecting from remote).

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  • Antonio Fuentes
  • Fabian Jusufi
  • I Jeries
  • Luis Aguirregaray
  • Monique Pellinkhof
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