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Global Cloud Collaboration Meeting - Session 2

(Timezone - UTC)



The annual Global Cloud Collaboration meeting provides an opportunity for R&E Network participants from around the globe to share and discuss updates, challenges and successes in their work related to cloud services, whether commercial or community-provided. This year, two sessions of the meeting will be held to maximise the opportunities for participation from across the globe. Participants are welcome to attend one or both sessions.


  1. Introduction (Tom Fryer & Maria Ristkok)
  2. Cloud update presentations. Confirmed presentations at present are:
    1. GÉANT
    2. NII/SINET (video)
    3. Internet2
    4. AARNet
    5. CEDIA
    6. Jisc

Connection Details

Meeting ID: 657 9751 3776
Passcode: 059172

Global Cloud Collaboration Meeting - Session 2
  • Akhtaruzzaman Muhamad
  • Alec Wright
  • Alex Bushell
  • Alex Mwotil
  • Azevedo Rodrigo
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Claudio Chacon
  • Claudio Pisa
  • Darko Paric
  • Eriko Porto
  • Fi Coyle
  • Flavio Rodriguez
  • Gary James
  • George Konnis
  • Guido Aben
  • Jean Pierre Aerts
  • Jessica Wu
  • Lili ZHANG
  • Luiz Coelho
  • Maijastiina Arvola
  • Maria Ristkok
  • Meoli Kashorda
  • Michel Wets
  • Sean O'Brien
  • Tom Fryer
  • 4 others
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