SIG-ISM - WISE Joint Workshop

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)


Alf Moens, David Kelsey

One more time we will organize an online workshop, despite that everyone is waiting for real networking opportunities.

We hope 2022 will bring better opportunities to meet in real life.

In this joint meeting, with the WISE community, we will look at current and upcoming challenges for security management.

New regulations like NIS-2 are casting their shadows ahead, still a long time away but also a lot to prepare for. We will discuss the GÉANT Security Roadmap and would like to hear from you as we will invite you to step forward and share with us how you have organised security at your place, especially how you look at security operations.

We are looking forward for 2 days full of sharing and fruitful discussing!



Following on from successful joint meetings in the past with SIG-ISM, we will again meet jointly.

The WISE Community sessions will include presentations from some of its working groups, including Risk Assessment, Software Vulnerability Handling best practice, Incident Response and Threat Intelligence, and Security for Collaborating Infrastructures (SCI).

We aim also to include presentations on the challenges of handling security risk in EOSC, a review of developments in Trust between the various operational security groups around the world, guidance for maturity assessment against the SCI Trust Framework and plans to maintain and develop the AARC Policy Development Kit.

We look forward to useful discussions on all of these topics and for guidance for our activities in the future months and years.

WISE Community

Registration for SIG-ISM/WISE joint Workshop
  • Adam Slagell
  • Alf Moens
  • Ana Afonso
  • Andrew Adams
  • Atif Basani
  • Barbara Angelucci
  • Bob Cowles
  • Brian Nisbet
  • Carlos Friaças
  • Charlie van Genuchten
  • Christian Foetinger
  • Christoph Campregher
  • David Crooks
  • David Groep
  • David Kelsey
  • Hannah Short
  • Henrik Larsen
  • Ian Collier
  • Ian Neilson
  • John Chapman
  • Linda Cornwall
  • Maarten Kremers
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Mischa Sallé
  • Nicole Harris
  • Oliver Goebel
  • Peter Ulber
  • Ralph Niederberger
  • Raoul Vernède
  • Renato Furter
  • Roderick Mooi
  • Rolf Sture Normann
  • Simona Venuti
  • Sven Gabriel
  • Thomas Dack
  • Urpo Kaila
  • Vlado Pribolšan
  • Šarūnas Grigaliūnas
  • 4 others
  • Tuesday, 26 October
    • 10:00 12:30
      SIG-ISM Session 1
    • 15:30 18:00
      WISE Session 2

      Agenda is still draft

      • 15:30
        WISE and some of its working groups 1h
        • The WISE Community - Welcome & news 10m
          Speaker: David Kelsey (UKRI STFC)
        • Security Communications Challenge Coordination (SCCC-JWG) 20m
          Speakers: David Groep (Nikhef), Hannah Short (CERN)
        • Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures (SCI-WG) 15m

          Update on the guidance for the self-assessment of SCI V2 maturity

          Speaker: David Kelsey (UKRI STFC)
        • Handling Software Vulnerabilities (a proposed WISE WG) 15m
          Speaker: Linda Cornwall (UKRI/STFC/RAL)
      • 16:30
        Break 30m
      • 17:00
        Trust and Security - the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) 1h
        • Overview of EOSC Trust and Security 10m
          Speaker: David Groep (Nikhef)
        • The EOSC Security Baseline 20m
          Speaker: David Groep (Nikhef)
        • Handling Security Risk in EOSC 30m
          Speaker: Urpo Kaila (CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.)
  • Wednesday, 27 October
    • 10:00 12:30
      SIG-ISM Session 3
    • 15:30 18:00
      WISE Session 4

      Agenda is still draft

      • 15:30
        WISE Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures (SCI) - the AARC Policy Development Kit 1h

        Introduction to the AARC Policy Development Kit (PDK)
        Maintenance and development of the PDK
        The Service Operations Security Policy

        Speaker: Hannah Short (CERN)
      • 16:30
        Break 15m
      • 16:45
        Collaboration in Operational Security 1h 15m
        • Sharing threat Intelligence 20m
          Speaker: David Crooks (UKRI STFC)
        • Experiences from trust and operational security in e-Infrastructures 25m
          Speaker: Romain Wartel (CERN)
        • Why Americans don't play well with others: Understanding the governance & incentives of US R&E cybersecurity 30m
          Speaker: Adam Slagell (ESnet)
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