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Why NRENs and Identity Federations should support Student mobility

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)


Over the last years the European Commission has launched various activities to digitise the Erasmus programme. Under the European Student Card Initiatives, a key initiative of the European Education Area, the Commission has announced that all higher education institutions participating in the Erasmus+ programme will gradually have to start using the Erasmus Without Paper Network/Dashboard to exchange student mobility data with other higher education institutions participating in the new programme (with the end date of 2023 to onboard all students and universities). 

MyAcademicID, funded from the Connecting Europe Facility, is part of a set of activities that implement the vision of the European Student Card initiative. With MyAcademicID, students from Higher Education Institutions can access Erasmus+ and Europeans Student Card Initiatives services using the R&E Identity Federations and eduGAIN.. 


In the infoshare, we will present: 

  • The European Student Card Initiative’s vision and the key players

  • MyAcademicID: supporting student mobility and renewing collaboration with eIDAS

  • The role of the  R&E identity federations and eduGAIN in supporting Student Mobility

  • Next steps 

Who should attend

This webinar is aimed at NRENs managers to inform them on the ongoing work and how this helps national activities related to Student Mobility.

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  • Alan Lewis
  • Alberto Perez Gomez
  • Ana Tavares Pinto
  • Andres Aeschlimann
  • Artur Binczewski
  • Bojan Jakovljevic
  • Branko Marović
  • Christoph Graf
  • Claudio Allocchio
  • Davide Vaghetti
  • Dirk Osstyn
  • Enzo Capone
  • Federico Ruggieri
  • Glenn Wearen
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Ieva Muraškienė
  • Jean-Pierre Aerts
  • Jiri Borik
  • János Mohácsi
  • Koen Schelkens
  • Maarten Kremers
  • Marina Adomeit
  • Mehmet Mirat Satoğlu
  • Michelle Williams
  • Miroslav Milinovic
  • Olga Popcova
  • Peter Bogatencov
  • Raimundas Tuminauskas
  • Ramaz Kvatadze
  • Stelios Sartzetakis
  • Tomasz Wolniewicz
  • Valeriu Vraciu
  • Veronika Di Luna
  • Vlado Pribolsan
  • Wolfgang Pempe
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 3 others
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