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Global Cloud Activity Exchange

(Timezone - Europe/Tirane)
Palace of Congresses, Underground B (Tirana, Albania)

Palace of Congresses, Underground B

Tirana, Albania

Following the online global cloud “show-and-tell” meetings last summer, TNC23 will return to hosting an in-person meeting to enable RENs from around the globe to discuss developments in cloud activities.

 This year we propose a range of topics to guide discussion. These are:

  • Security
  • Cost control and financial operations
  • Research data storage and management
  • Vendor management
  • Cloud team recruitment and development

We aim for one or two lightning talks (5 minutes maximum) per topic area from the participants in the room, preferably including a clear message or a question to stimulate discussion or possibly propose a call for action. If you would like to give a lightning talk focusing on one of the areas listed, please contact IR@geant.org by Wednesday, 31 May at the latest.

  • Ajay Makan
  • Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Eliakim Okundi
  • Irina Matthews
  • James Deaton
  • Jean Pierre Aerts
  • Jeffery Tay
  • Luiz Coelho
  • Maria Ristkok
  • Michel Wets
  • Sabelo Dlamini
  • Sean O'Brien
The agenda of this meeting is empty