CyberSecurity Workshop

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

Building on the success of the first EaPConnect CyberSecurity Workshop, which took place in Berlin on 27-28 June 2018, this second event will take a more technical approach. Workshop is organized by the EaPConnect project in cooperation with GEANT and CyberEDU project. Experts from EU, EaP countries and USA will share their experience and best practices in CyberSecurity and invite to discuss and explore the topics and opportunities in more depth.

CyberSecurity is of vital importance in today's globalized world and hence for the Eastern Partnership countries. Discussions will circle around what is needed especially for the EaP region and how people from EaP organisations could get more involved in European R&D in CyberSecurity.

This workshop will be conducted in online format is open for people with a relevant technical background. For participation in the workshop registration is required.


Cybersecurity workshop participant
  • Wednesday, February 9
  • Thursday, February 10
    • 13
      Welcome Day 2
      Speaker: Kvatadze Ramaz (GRENA)
    • 14
      Session IV: GÉANT “CyberSecurity at GÉANT: strategy and roadmap 2022 - 2027“
      Speaker: Alf Moens (GÉANT)
    • 15
      Session V – GÉANT "DDoS"
      Speaker: Schoenfelder Jochen (DFN-CERT)
    • 16
      Session V – GÉANT Crisis Management (CLAW 2021)
      Speaker: Charlie van Genuchten (SURF)
    • 17
      Lunch / Coffee Break
    • 18
      Session VI – SOC tools & Security “Intelligence Sharing"

      presentation + discussion

      Speaker: Roderick Mooi (GÉANT)
    • 19
      Session VI – SOC tools & Security "Vulnerability scanning"
      Speaker: David Heed (SUNET)
    • 20
      Session VI – SOC tools & Security "CyberLAB Laboratory - a possibility for vulnerability search and cyberattacks simulations"
      Speakers: Jakub Suchorab (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland), Krystian Szefler (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)
    • 21
      Coffee Break
    • 22
      Session VII – CSIRTs short presentations “CyberSecurity at RENAM"
      Speaker: Ecaterina Matenco (RENAM)
    • 23
      Session VII – CSIRTs short presentations “CSIRT in Cyprus”
      Speakers: Panayiota Smyrli (CYNET), Stephanos Andreou (CYNET)
    • 24
      Session VII – CSIRTS short presentations "CSIRT in Armenia"
      Speaker: Sergey Abrahamyan (ASNET)
    • 25
      Session VII – CSIRTS short presentations “CyberSecurity at GRENA”
      Speaker: Zurab Bukhnikashvili (GRENA)
    • 26
      Closing Day 2 & Conclusions