Network Vulnerability Scanning

30 Jun 2021, 14:00



In order to stay ahead of the threats to a large infrastructure, it is crucial to maintain a clear picture of whether there are vulnerabilities in the components deployed and, if so, what the vulnerabilities are. Scanning systems through the network is one way of gaining insight into this issue. This webinar will provide an introduction to the concepts of network scanning, its benefits, and its drawbacks, as well as offer some practical examples.

Duration: 1 hour (includes Q&A)

Webinar Host: Pauline Smith (GLAD)

Presenter(s)/Facilitator(s): Tobias Dussa , DFN-CERT

Affiliation (WP/Task): WP8 Task 1

Authors (content is created by): Klaus Möller, Stefan Kelm, DFN-CERT

Presentation Materials

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