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(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Virtually Hosted
Laura Paglione

Collaboration between ORCID, Federation participants, and FIM solutions has grown. Federations lead ORCID consortia of institutions; ORCID signin has been considered as an IdP of Last Resort for research collaboration tools; unique Institutional credentials have been linked to over 320,000 ORCID accounts, ORCID iDs are included in the eduPerson schema; and iDs are sometimes used to better understand identity linkages when individuals change institutions. Conversations happen globally among ORCID, federation operators, practitioners, software providers, and standards committees, though rarely over the entirety of this group at the same time. Here we convene to consider strategic topics that involve the ORCID platform or iDs, and deepen collaboration among the ORCID and FIM communities. Who is invited to attend: Anyone working with, supporting, and/or have an interest in ORCID, including federation providers, IdPs, SPs and others.

  • Adam Vials Moore
  • Alex Stuart
  • Alice Kibombo-Ekanya
  • Ana Heredia
  • Bebe Chang
  • Benjamin Oshrin
  • Catherine Ferris
  • Chris Shillum
  • Christopher Whalen
  • David Groep
  • David Kelsey
  • Dinah Koteikor Baidoo
  • Dubravko Penezić
  • Estelle Cheng
  • Fehintola Onifade
  • Francisco Jose Arago
  • Gabriela Mejias
  • Gitau Njoroge
  • Govindhan Perumal
  • Guy Halse
  • Gül Akcaova
  • Hannah Short
  • Horacio Zimba
  • Iryna Kuchma
  • Jim Basney
  • Jiří Pavlík
  • Jo Havemann
  • Johanssen Obanda
  • Jos Westerbeke
  • Keith Hazelton
  • Kevin Kiely
  • Klaas Wierenga
  • Laura Paglione
  • Lawal Olayiwola
  • Lena Nyahodza
  • Maarten Kremers
  • Martin Stanislav
  • Melroy Almeida
  • Meshna Koren
  • Miika Tuisku
  • Miroslav Milinović
  • Mischa Sallé
  • Mohamed Ali Ahmed
  • Nataliia Kaliuzhna
  • Nicolas Liampotis
  • Obinna Nnenanya
  • Omo Oaiya
  • Omorodion Okuonghae
  • Owen Iyoha
  • Paolo Gujilde
  • Peter Gietz
  • Pål Axelsson
  • Raed Al-Zoubi
  • Richard Northover
  • Roberto Barbera
  • Ronald Osure
  • Sander Engelberts
  • Scott Koranda
  • Sheila Rabun
  • Stephanas Galinnya
  • Terry Smith
  • Tiwonge Banda
  • Tom Dack
  • Tom Demeranville
  • Valeria Ardizzone
  • Wesley Barry
  • Will Simpson
  • 8 others
    • 1:30 PM 3:30 PM
      ORCID BoF