Seamless Access Workshop - APAN friendly time - Part 2

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

Who should attend

This workshop is targeting federation operators.

Topics and Objectives

In this workshop we will present the SeamlessAccess service, its status and plans. We would like to have discussion and feedback on related topics that are in interest of federation operator community.  This workshop will take place in two 1.5h parts over consecutive days.

Part 2

We reserve part 2 of the workshop for technical buffs - we would like to go into details of UX and technical architecture for new developments. Aim is to collect feedback on some of new features such as IdP filtering.  Please register here for Part 2 of the workshop. Part 2 also takes place in friendly time for EU/US region.

If you haven't, please register also to Part1 of the workshop as this will provide you with the context for technical discussion. 

  • Albert Wu
  • Chrysostomos Maschas
  • Dalia Abraham
  • Irfan Hakim Abu Samah
  • Marina Adomeit
  • Marko Ivančić
  • Mohammad Hussain Faqeri
  • Salman Mehbub
  • Terry Smith
  • 2 others
Marina Adomeit
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