Security Day 2021

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Virtually Hosted

A day full of workshops, discussions and briefings on the latest security developments for Research and Education. With updates from the GN4-3 WP8 Security projects, the international security communities, demo's and previews.

    • 10:00 10:10
      Intro and welcome

      Intro keynote: Alf Moens, GÉANT

      Security Day organisers:
      David Heed, SUNET
      Jochen Schoenfelder, DFN-CERT

      Information about the day and the coming NIS-2 Directive

    • 10:10 11:45
      DDoS Sync & Updates

      Jochen Schoenfelder, DFN-CERT / GÉANT project
      Evangelos Spatharas, GÉANT

      Part 1: Intro and DDoS-workshop

      • Welcome & overall Task Updates (Jochen Schönfelder)
      • NeMo Software updates (Eugene Brin)
      • How to determine and mitigate DDoS attacks (Hank Nussbacher)
      • FoD News 2021 (David Schmitz)
      • FoD integration in RENAM Management System(CRM) (Alexandr Golubev)

      Part 2: DDoS Round table / share your experiences

      • DDoS open/round table: current situation and outlook on DdoS (all of us :) )
    • 11:45 12:30
      LUNCH 45m
    • 12:30 13:00
      Roundtable discussion

      Round table.

      Team: Anastas, Vladislav, Dankmar, Michel, Šarūnas

      We will talk about the Business Continuity Management S7 framework. Briefly introduce our work (derivable).

      Gather information and suggestions from NRENs.

    • 13:00 14:45
      Security Research and Vulnerability Assessment

      Short intro and goals for task in Work package.
      Presenter: David Heed, SUNET / GÉANT project

      Short intro from Holm Security
      Presenters: Stefan Thelberg, Holm Security
      Erik Torlén, Holm Security


      Presentation from Holm Security on the collaboration and the feed.
      An introduction to Vulnerability Research with OpenVAS and open-source components.
      Presenter: Mihail Lupan, Holm Security

      • Intro to OpenVAS
      • Structure and vulnerability test methdology
      • Practical examples and demonstraion:
      • Analysis of common vulnerabilities and check of vulnerability
      • Current exploits and risks
      • Q & A


      GÉANT collaboration with Holm Security
      Demo of feed, API for OpenVAS, container and tools
      Presenter: Dawid Kulinski, PSNC

    • 15:00 15:45
      Topics: Crisis management

      Short intro Crisis managment
      Presenter: Charlie van Genuchten, SURF

      Case: DDoS attack at Belnet
      Presenter: Giorgo P, Belnet

      National cybercrisis exercise with 1000+ participants
      Future plans from the Crisis Management Task
      Presenter: Charlie van Genuchten, SURF

    • 16:00 16:25
      Training on websecurity

      Presenter: Klaus Möller, DFN-CERT

      Advertising the Task1 training and give advice on how to protect yourself now.

    • 16:30 17:00
      Future work and activities

      Alf Moens, GÉANT
      Charlie van Genuchten, SURF

      The future of collaboration within GN4-3 and GN5

      Announce other talks at TNC for Security area

      Other areas and current state of WP8

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