TF-EDU community session: Moodle scaling up collaborative solutions

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Gyongyi Horvath

What is troubling us with Moodle and why it is crucial for NRENs to collaborate on developing customized solution/s

The need for quickly scalable LMS infrastructure was on many NRENs agenda last year, and continues to be. In addition, NRENs face specific needs for Moodle deployment ranging from central to local administration, migration of existing courses into a new solution or availability of specific plugins, to name just a few.

The possibility of developing common solution that would meet specific needs of different NRENs’, and in the same time use benefits of collaborative development, administration and future maintenance between NRENs is a challenge that we would like to address in the next TF-EDU session. The session will be hosted by CARNET Moodle team, with the support of partnering NRENs (TBA).

Working from the Up2U Application Toolbox (a set of interoperable and integrated services for education and research that include LMS, video conferencing, Jupyter Notebookfile sync&share, etc) in which basic customisations, and out-of-the-box & one-size-fits-all package is available, we are proposing additional steps.

In this session we will discuss how to work together in addressing specific needs of different NRENs’, including:

  • customizations already developed by NRENs 
  • existing user data.
  • automatic course creation (so the administrators don't need to do this)
  • creating categories for each institution in which local administrator can open courses
  • migration of existing courses into a new solution
  • availability of specific plugins and users (e.g. Dyslexic mod).
  • Alan Lewis
  • Aristos Anastasiou
  • Arjan Xhelaj
  • Arthur Petrosyan
  • Bartlomiej Idzikowski
  • Beatrix Weber
  • Boro Jakimovski
  • Brian Gee Chacko
  • Claudio Chacon
  • David Heyns
  • Dragana Kupres
  • Fatma Alzaabi
  • Garvan McFeeley
  • Goran Škvarč
  • Gordana Jugo
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Gytis Cibulskis
  • Hamood alazri
  • Ivica Matotek
  • Javier Valdiviezo
  • Karim Saied
  • Kiril Kjiroski
  • Lauri Pohjanen
  • Magnus Strømdal
  • Mahmood Alhosni
  • Mangesh Wanjari
  • Maria Ristkok
  • Marin Rezic
  • Mary Grammatikou
  • Michal Zimniewicz
  • Mirela Carev
  • Mohammed AlZaabi
  • Nadav Kavalerchik
  • Nathalie Roth
  • Nicolai ILIUHA
  • Olga Popcova
  • Omo Oaiya
  • Owen Iyoha
  • Pasi Häkkinen
  • Qais Qassim
  • Redouane Merrouch
  • Remigijus Kutas
  • Robert Tadevosyan
  • Roshan Kolar Ganeshan
  • Sami Ait Ali Oulahcen
  • Samuel Petrosyan
  • Sekar G
  • Shehab Alfairuz
  • Stephanos Andreou
  • Takis Angelopoulos
  • Tiwonge Banda
  • Tomi Dolenc
  • Valeriu Vraciu
  • Vladislav Bidikov
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 11 others
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