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Up2U consultation for NRENs

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Alan Lewis, Beatrix Weber, Gyongyi Horvath

The Up2U platform is a learning platform offering a community-based architecture that allows to create a tailored online learning environment for education. The Up2U platform is currently funded by the GN4-3 project, but that funding is planned to finish at the end of April. We now need your input to help to determine the future offering. 

In this consultation, we will introduce potential solutions for the continued availability of the platform, get your view on the proposed models and what would fit your needs better. Possible future models are either the creation of national instances and/or a centralised service offering provided via GEANT. 

  • Alan Lewis
  • Aristos Anastasiou
  • Arjan Xhelaj
  • Arthur Petrosyan
  • Azamat Soltobaev
  • Beatrix Weber
  • Dragana Kupres
  • Gabriella Paolini
  • George Konnis
  • Goran Škvarč
  • Gordana Jugo
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Gytis Cibulskis
  • Hrachya Astsatryan
  • Ivica Matotek
  • Khisrav Sadykov
  • Mary Grammatikou
  • Michal Zimniewicz
  • Nathalie Roth
  • Olga Popcova
  • Peter Bogatencov
  • Takis Angelopoulos
  • Tomi Dolenc
  • Zurab Bukhnikashvili
  • 2 others
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