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ITIL® 4 Leader – Digital & IT Strategy 6 - 8 July 2022

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)



The three-day ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy certification course
focuses on the challenges associated with developing a digital strategy as
well as highlighting how to align a digital business strategy with an IT strategy for business success.

( This event was rescheduled from 1-3 December 2021)


This training is primarily open to GÉANT Project members.
*Fund your learning through GN4.3
Not a Project participant? Leave your interest and inquiry with glad@geant.org
To register click below. Please note that spaces are limited!


Read more: https://learning.geant.org/pec-events/itil-4-leader-digital-it-strategy/

Glad Team (GEANT Learning and Development)
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