GÉANT Infoshare - "The Research Engagement function in GÉANT”

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Title: The Research Engagement function in GÉANT


The Research Engagement and Support (RES) team is the outward-looking group in GÉANT that takes care of the relationship with the international user community served by GÉANT and the European NRENs. The RES team is responsible for the relationship management of international user communities and organisations, for coordinating and facilitating the communication and exchange of information between users, on one side, and NRENs and GÉANT internal teams on the other. This also involves a dedicated account management activity for specific user groups or organisations (CERN, ESA, EUMETSAT, HBP, PRACE, etc.). Alongside this activity, the team constantly scans the horizon looking for new leads, with the purpose of increasing the liaison opportunities between end-users and the NREN community, and ultimately the service take-up.


The underlying strategic goal is promoting, facilitating and accelerating European and global scientific research and education, through the RENs services and infrastructures. Another aspect of the team activities is feeding back information from the user community back into GÉANT, in order to drive the design, planning and delivery of services in the direction of maximising their effectiveness and the users’ requirement satisfaction.

In the infoshare, we will present: 

  • The concepts, way of working and process of the user engagement function
  • Some example of use cases
  • How the team will support the company’s strategic goals
  • Proposals on how to enhance the information flow with the NRENs

Who should attend

This webinar is aimed at GA members and NRENs directors


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