GÉANT eHealth Baselining Meeting

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

Several GÉANT NRENs have been supporting eHealth projects or offer eHealth-related services to their customers. EOSC-Life, a multi-million Euro project funded by the EC, tackles several aspects of general relevance related to eHealth and e-Infrastructures 

This is a baseline session to hear from NRENs their existing experience and their (planned or potential) effort in the field of e-health.

Objective of the baselining session will be to assess these three points

1. Which topics of relevance for eHealth are also of relevance for GEANT?  (primarily identified as Network, Cybersecurity and T&I)

2. Which topics are already well covered? 

3. Are there any gaps which might deserve further investigation? 

Based on the results of the inventory and the interest of the attendants, we will discuss which next steps might be applicable. 

See the Agenda & slides.
Read the news report on GÉANT Connect site and the same report on EaPConnect site.
Read more about the background for this event.



  • Alexandra Monteiro
  • Alexey Andrushevich
  • Aytan Ahmadova
  • Carlos Buffil
  • Darja-Anna Yurovsky
  • Efraín García
  • Fulvio Galeazzi
  • Kęstutis Butkus
  • Lale Karayeva
  • Pavle Vuletic
  • Robert Pekal
  • Ruta Segamogaite
  • Samvel Grigoryan
  • Sandra Helfenstein
  • Veronika Di Luna
  • +89
Marina De Giorgi
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