How NREN-s can benefit from EU funds

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As a follow up from the EU Liaison and PMO Strategic WS (15 October) in which many NRENs expressed the need to understand better how to access EU funding nationally, the EU Liaison team offers this info-share which will highlighting the actions needed to be carried out by NRENs and the deadlines coming up, as well as giving information on how to support the procedure. We are looking for NRENs, who have successfully tapped into such funding in the past to share their experiences with other NRENs and to join us in a question and answer session.


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  • Aksel Bjørnø
  • Benjamin Eshun
  • Brou Médard KOUASSI
  • Eyal Estrin
  • Jure Knez
  • Marina De Giorgi
  • Nathalie McKenzie
  • Neringa Jackevice
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Magda Haver
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