2nd GÉANT NIS2 Infoshare 2024

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Virtually Hosted
Alf Moens

The clock is ticking... with only four months left from June 24th until the NIS2 Regulation comes into force in the EU Member States, it is important to bring together all specialists from the research and education community working on NIS2 and other legislation to share experiences and learn from each other. In the second NIS2 Infoshare in 2024, we want to share the latest developments around the regulation, bringing in the results of the third NISDUC (NIS Directive User Community) conference held in The Hague in April 2024, and hear from you. We will once again kick-off the Infoshare with a poll to get an overview of the current situation and developments in different EU member countries.


Participants are encouraged to prepare by thinking about the following questions:

  • What is your status regarding NIS2? Are you considered in scope or out of scope?
  • What assistance do you need to prepare for NIS2? This could include information, best practices, expertise, or advice.
  • How can you help your colleagues?


We invite participants to share their experiences and insights. If you are interested in giving a short presentation, please contact us in advance

  • Alf Moens
  • Anastas Mishev
  • Andreas Kyriakou
  • Brian Nisbet
  • Christian Grimm
  • Dave Mifsud
  • David Crooks
  • Edit Herczog
  • Gilles Massen
  • Ingimar Jonsson
  • Joni Virtanen
  • Lars Bjørn
  • Lars Henrik Steensen
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Panayiota Smyrli
  • Ralf Groeper
  • Ryan Richford
  • Simona Venuti
  • Stephanos Andreou
  • Thibaud BADOUARD
  • Thijs Kinkhorst
  • Tony Barber
  • Zoe Fischer
  • +23
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