School of Software Engineering (SSE2024) – Designing next generation architecture

(Timezone - Europe/Berlin)
LRZ, Lebiniz Supercomputing Centre (Boltzmannstraße 1, 85748 Garching bei München, Germany)

LRZ, Lebiniz Supercomputing Centre

Boltzmannstraße 1, 85748 Garching bei München, Germany

GN5-1-WP9-T2 are continuing with the next in the series of annual SSE training events. Previous topics have included deploying scalable applications in Kubernetes-based environments. This year topics will continue to look at key areas of interest to the community.

On the first day, we will focus on applying the heuristic of decomposition, breaking down the system into smaller modules to achieve effective modularization. In this context, we will discuss in detail the issues with Kuba Nabrdalik and identify the areas that have been covered. We will also dedicate time to analysing and solving problems related to system distribution. 

On the second day, we will concentrate on tactical modelling, ensuring coherence, a logical structure of processes, and clear presentation logic. We will also analyse techniques that contribute to the efficient design of systems. This involves modelling one of the modules in more detail. 

On the third day, we expand the theme from the second day to integration. We will conduct contract tests, and discuss event handling, queue management, and the implementation of RESTful API.   

The workshop is open to GN5-1 Project members involved in developing software and interested in improving the external quality of their products. The workshop will take place over 3 days, kindly hosted by our colleagues at LRZ – Lebiniz Supercomputing Centre.  

The attendance of the SSE workshop can be funded through GN5-1-WP1-T5 (GLAD). You can find more information on how to fund your learning at the following link: Funding for Project Learning



  • Bartosz Walter
  • Jan Todek
  • Jovana Vuleta
  • Konstantinos Georgilakis
  • Maciej Łabędzki
  • Marcin Rochowiak
  • Mikołaj Dobski
  • Mikołaj Kruś
  • Mishael Mae Sapasap
  • Patryk Kazimierowski
  • Ric Janus Sapasap
  • Robert Latta
  • Sam Roberts
  • Tomasz Weiss
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Maciej Łabędzki, GLAD Team
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