Trust & Identity Mentoring (TIM) Programme 2024 Applications (1/1)

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The Trust and Identity Incubator Mentoring Programme (TIM) is an exciting initiative that brings together ambitious young minds and industry experts to develop new ideas in the area of Trust and Identity.


Funded by the GÉANT GN5.1 project (which is supported by the European Commission and by GEANT's member NRENs), the Trust and Identity (T&I) Mentoring Programme is a paid internship / work placement for students and young professionals who are interested in T&I and are studying (or have recently studied) computer science, engineering or a related field.


Students develop their chosen project (which can be a thesis) under the guidance of the GÉANT T&I Incubator team and a local mentor during the Incubator's 7-month development cycle. The T&I Incubator team pilots new concepts in 7-month "sprints".  Students may propose a project of their own choice, or they can choose to research a topic proposed by the T&I Incubator team.


Please visit the TIM Wiki Page for full details and please send your application directly before the deadline to glad@geant.org

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GÉANT Learning and Development Team (GLAD)