GARR Conference 2024

(Timezone - Europe/Berlin)

The GARR Conference is the annual gathering of users and contributors of the Italian research and education network. This year, the event will be hosted by the University of Brescia from 29 to 31 May. The meeting unites those who use the network for study, teaching, and research, alongside with those actively contributing to its development and improvement, ensuring that services align with user needs.
During the event, experiences and reflections on the use of digital infrastructures and services across different disciplines and contexts are shared.

In this 2024 edition, we will address topics related to the complexity of challenges we face within and outside the network. We will explore which resources and tools can support research in providing answers to the major scientific, social, and environmental questions of our time, covering themes such as digital sovereignty, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), data security, access to digital infrastructures on a national and global scale, and many others.

Join the discussion! The call for contribution will open soon!

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