GÉANT CSM23 Webinar - Successful internal awareness programme in R&E: approaches and outcomes

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As of September 2023, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences stands as the first and currently the only (as far as we know) larger Education Facility in The Netherlands to require all its staff (4000+) to undergo Security and Awareness training. The journey to reach this milestone was no small feat, as the Security and Privacy team had to overcome a series of obstacles spanning over two years. Please join Jan as we take a retrospective journey through this process, and feel free to draw inspiration and insights from our approach.

Jan LandsaatSpeaker: Jan Landsaat, Privacy Officer, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Jan Landsaat brings over 17 years of expertise in the field of Educational Technology. His career began as an instructor specializing in Digital Design Skills. Over the years, he transitioned into roles ranging from IT Project Manager to IT Manager where he oversaw the whole spectrum of soft- and hardware, and he currently serves as a Privacy Officer at Hogeschool Rotterdam for more than three years. Drawing from his background, he emphasizes the technical aspects of the Privacy field. This encompasses crafting policies related to AI and Data Analytics, overseeing the technical facets of DPIAs, and the Awareness Programme.

Mainly aimed at: People responsible for security awareness programmes in their organisation (awareness specialists, CISOs, security or communication officers, learning & development specialists, etc.).

Thanks to our collaboration with RedCLARA, live interpretation services will be available for all our CSM webinars also this year in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

  • Adem Koroglu
  • Angelo Broccoli
  • Anuj Pun
  • B G
  • Belle van der reijden
  • Bernd Kohler
  • Chris Auliffe
  • Chris Hale
  • Daniel Onyedikachi Oboko
  • Danny van Deutekom
  • Emma Kelly
  • Evan Ingram
  • Fernando Menzaque
  • Frederiek van der Donck
  • Graham Bawden
  • Guido Scatena
  • Hedy Bulten
  • Henri Koppen
  • Henrik Fagerberg
  • Ilaria Di Maro
  • IT Ob
  • ivan mella
  • James Gillanders
  • Johannes Troi
  • Joost Gadellaa
  • Jos Fotinos
  • Joyce van der Klugt
  • Krzysztof Mrozowicz
  • Laurentiu-Dorin Sandu-Bufi
  • Luis AMPUERO
  • Luis Silva
  • Marcel Van Harrewijen
  • Mike Koch
  • Mohamed Amakran
  • Rob Gerritsen
  • Rory O'Connor
  • Sandra de Wolff
  • Sergio Ramírez
  • Stephan Rüegg
  • Tim Drevel
  • Viktor Teplov
  • Wulf Göhmann
  • Yeshaswini Ramesh
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