GÉANT CSM23 Webinar - Phishing simulations: to do or not to do

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Pros and cons of phishing simulation campaigns. Phishing awareness training is an essential part of any cybersecurity strategy. But is it enough on its own? How effective are phishing simulations, what are their drawback? Should organisations add phishing simulations to their security awareness training programmes?

Cornelia Puhze, SWITCH


Moderator: Cornelia Puhze, SWITCH

Cornelia Puhze is an IT security awareness specialist at SWITCH. As part of SWITCH-CERT, she supports the Swiss education, research and innovation community in dealing with the human factor in information security. Her aim is to help people understand and care about cyber threats and how to better protect their data. Cornelia is educated to postgraduate level in multilingual, corporate and political communications and has a background in language teaching.


Speakers: Inka Karppinen, Lead Behavioural Scientist, CybSafe & Honorary Research Fellow, UCL, UK; Tommy Van Steen, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands; Nathan Duffy, HEAnet, Ireland.

Inka Karppinen, Lead Behavioural Scientist, CybSafe & Honorary Research Fellow, UCL, UK


Inka Karppinen, Lead Behavioural Scientist, CybSafe & Honorary Research Fellow, UCL, UK
Dr Inka Karppinen is a Lead Behavioural Scientist at CybSafe, an award-winning human risk management platform focusing on behavioural analytics. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London (UCL). Inka is interested in all aspects of helping people, leading her on a unique path encompassing both industry and academia. She has an MRes and a PhD in security and crime science.



Tommy Van Steen, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands

Tommy van Steen is assistant professor in cybersecurity governance at Leiden University and programme director of the executive master in cybersecurity for professionals from the same university. He holds a BSc in psychology and an MSc and PhD in behavioural change. His interests lie in understanding and improving cybersecurity behaviour of end-users in organisations. He uses behavioural science to better understand why people are not behaving securely and uses behavioural change methods to find solutions for behavioural cybersecurity problems.

Nathan Duffy, HEAnet


Nathan Duffy, HEAnet, Ireland
Nathan Duffy leads the Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management team at HEAnet, Ireland’s National Research and Education Network. In particular he leads the offensive security team in delivering cyber security services, such as web application, network penetration testing, along with running phishing campaigns, to higher education institutes. Nathan is currently studying on a part time basis for a master’s degree in cyber security at University College Dublin. Before joining HEAnet his experience included Digital Forensic Investigations and Incident Response.

Mainly aimed at: People responsible for security awareness programmes in their organisation (awareness specialists, CISOs, security or communication officers, learning & development specialists, etc.).

Thanks to our collaboration with RedCLARA, live interpretation services will be available for all our CSM webinars also this year in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

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