TNC23 Workshop: Joining NRENs’ forces and spending power towards a sustainable future

(Timezone - Europe/Tirane)
(Tirana, Albania)
Tirana, Albania

What impact do Research and Education Networks have on the environment? Can our joint efforts towards a greener and more sustainable R&E ecosystem generate positive change and help reduce the environmental impact of the whole community? And could we even persuade (larger) commercial vendors to really make a difference by using our collective spending power?

These and more questions will be discussed at the “Joining NRENs’ forces and spending power towards a sustainable future” workshop at TNC23 in Tirana, on Friday 9 June, 14:00-17:30 CEST.

Following on from the initiative launched in 2022 to establish a 'Procurement in the GÉANT Community' platform, a central part of this interactive workshop will focus on driving sustainability in our community through procurement. In particular, we will explore how we can collaborate with our suppliers to drive positive change and discuss how we can get sustainability elements more integrated in tender processes.

Additionally, the meeting will present an occasion for RENs to exchange knowledge, share best practices, report findings of internal research, showcase initiatives in different areas in which joint actions of our community could generate positive impact – from networking to communications and events, from service management to IT, and more.

Please note: This is a TNC23 side meeting. In order to attend, you will need to register to the side meeting and to purchase a side meeting pass, in addition to your regular TNC pass.

TNC23 side meeting: Joining NRENs’ forces and spending power towards a sustainable future
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