SIG-CISS meeting

(Timezone - Europe/Tirane)

The Cloudy Interoperable Software Stack Special Interest Group  is the GÉANT Community Programme body in charge of gathering the community of NRENs Cloud experts and Cloud infrastructure operators around best practices, technological challenges and options to collaborate on the Cloud.

The emphasis of the SIG-CISS is on interoperability of software stacks and, more in general, interoperable solutions, approaches, architectures, based on standards, enabling the NRENs to build their Cloud infrastructure for their internal needs and for their supported User Communities. 

Many NRENs have the common need to build and use hybrid Cloud infrastructures, capable of integrating on-premises and public cloud resources, to support - when needed - massive workloads and peak demands for Cloud services. 

The SIG-CISS aims at keeping the Community together, informed, up to date, and at exploiting possible synergies on the challenge of providing scalable, cost-effective and user-friendly Cloud infrastructures, integrated through open community standards to other relevant, key community services, like (for example) Federated AAI based on Identity Federations and eduGAIN, and Security to manage sensitive data.

This meeting will be structured, as usual,  in a section of updates on the Cloud from the NRENs ("NRENs building Clouds reports"), and a section of talks on selected topics or relevance for the NRENs Cloud Community (possibly including reports from hardware vendors on their latest Cloud Storage and CPUs/GPUs  offers)

Please note: This is a side meeting. In order to attend, you will need to purchase a side meeting pass, in addition to your regular TNC pass. See the registration page for more details.

11th SIG-CISS wiki page, with agenda, recording and slides:

The meeting format is hybrid: you can attend and present both in person in Tirana or from remote via Zoom.

From remote, you will be able to connect using Zoom on 

The meeting will be recorder, for the benefit of the wider GÉANT Community.

  • Nikolaos Parasyris
  • Nils Vogels
  • Szabolcs Hegedus
  • Zenon Mousmoulas
  • +19
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