CyberSecMonth 2022 Webinar | Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) for Universities and Research Institutions

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

"Introduce MFA to make your network more secure, everybody does it", sure, but a plethora of acronyms and products seem to make a simple process more complex and lengthier than it needs to be.

Based on the experience acquired working on projects within the German National Research and Education Network DFN, this talk will give a short introduction to Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and some of the acronyms and standards. It will expand to cover use-cases for MFA and how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls when implementing MFA at universities and research institutions.


Klaus Möller - DFN-CERTAbout the speaker

With a Diploma (master's degree) in Computer Science from the University of Oldenburg, Klaus Möller worked as a Network Engineer and IT Security Officer for the City of Hamburg before joining DFN-CERT in 1999. Where, since then, he has worked as an incident responder, advisory writer, security consultant and threat intelligence specialist. He has developed and carried out numerous training courses in network security, including TRANSITS I and a variety of online courses within the Work Package 8, on Security, of the EU-funded GN4-3 project framework.