27th STF, hosted by SWITCH

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
SWITCH (Werdstrasse 2, 8004 Zurich, SWITZERLAND)


Werdstrasse 2, 8004 Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Toby Rodwell

A meeting of NREN Access Port Managers (APMs), hosted by SWITCH in their Zurich office. The primary purpose of the Services and Technology Forum (STF) is to provide the NREN APMs with the relevant GÉANT service and network information for dissemination within their respective NRENs so as to ensure each NREN is constantly updated with changes to those services that are of importance to a particular NREN. 

Agenda and logistic details are available at : https://wiki.geant.org/display/APM/27th+STF+-+Zurich%2C+October+2022 

When registering, please use the correct form depending on whether you plan to attend in person or join remotely.

In-person Participants
30 / 45
Remote participants
  • Adrian Scerri
  • Andreas Theodorou
  • Antonis Lioumis
  • Dave Mifsud
  • Jan Růžička
  • János Mohácsi
  • Leonella Camilleri
  • Pavle Vuletić
  • Roman Lapacz
  • Toomas Nõgisto
  • Ľubomír Prda
  • +63
The agenda of this meeting is empty