How are African NRENs contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

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What are the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how are they relevant to the African R&E Community? And why should African NRENs consider their contribution to these targets when making a case for their existence? The UN SDGs have become a benchmark to strive towards a better world. Therefore, showcasing that NRENs carry out SDG-tailored activities is key to persuade policymakers and decision-makers of their inherent value to support them in terms of funding and resourcing.

NRENs directly support a number of SDGs and, through providing connectivity and dedicated services to African R&E communities and beyond, NRENs also have an indirect impact – the so-called “multiplier” effect - on several other targets.

The AfricaConnect3 team is working on a comprehensive and detailed paper to evidence the contribution of African NRENs and member Institutions to the UN SDGs, directly and indirectly. In order to ensure fair and comprehensive representation of all NRENs activities, the active participation of all African NRENs is needed to identify and gather concrete arguments and examples.

In this webinar, the AC3 Comms team will briefly present what UN SDGs are and how they are important for NRENs to make their case. In the second part of the webinar, the team will walk the audience through the next step of this activity, which includes a face-to-face hands-on workshop in Gaborone, Botswana on Thursday November 24 alongside the UbuntuNet Conference 2022.

Representatives of African NRENs, their communication staff and other interested European and African stakeholders are invited to take part in this online webinar.

Any further question, please contact the Communications Officer of your respective RREN.


  • Brief introduction to UN SDGs
  • Examples of how African NRENs contribute to UN SDGs Yasmeen
  • Introduction to AC3 UN SDG activity
  • Next step: workshop in Gaborone, Botswana alongside U-Connect 2022
  • Abdulkarim Suleiman
  • Anicet KOUAKOU
  • IVAN Yeboah
  • Joy Otuya
  • Mary Ombongi
  • Shedden Masupe
  • Tswelelo Lekgatlhanye
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