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SIG-NGN: Future network architectures

(Timezone - Atlantic/Reykjavik)
(Reykjavik, Iceland)
Reykjavik, Iceland

With a full-day meeting, we will focus on presentations and discussion on future network architectures that R&E networking will need to manage the next leap in capacity requirements from next-generation Research Infrastructures (HL-LHC, SKA, LSST, and more). We will address technologies such as spectrum sharing, underlay and overlay networking, L2 packet inspection, P4, and more, and discuss ideas for how these technologies can be used by R&E networks to do traffic engineering, capacity management, and support for demanding research applications. 

Please find the agenda on the SIG-NGN wiki: https://wiki.geant.org/display/SIGNGN/9th+SIG-NGN+Meeting

The meeting is open for anyone interested in the topics to attend.

We would also like to bring your attention to the NORDUnet Conference programme, specifically the sessions relevant for next generation networking. There will be sessions and presentations about network research, time and frequency services, quantum computing and networking, transarctic cables, optical cables as sensors, HPC and networking, automation in the campus network. The programme will be announced shortly.

The meeting will be co-located with the NORDUnet Conference 2022:


  • Adam Kaczmarek
  • Alex Moura
  • Alexander van den Hil
  • Antoine Delvaux
  • Artur Binczewski
  • Azael Fernandez
  • Bojan Jakovljevic
  • Bram Peeters
  • Bruno Hoeft
  • Buseung Cho
  • Carlos Neves
  • Chin Guok
  • Chrysostomos Tziouvaras
  • Craig Volp
  • Dale Carder
  • Daniel Lete
  • David Smith
  • Dimitris Kalogeras
  • Dónal Cunningham
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Einar Lillebrygfjeld
  • Eli Dart
  • Emanuel Massano
  • Eoin Kenny
  • Evangelos Chaniotakis
  • Fabio Farina
  • Felix Kugler
  • Gloria Vuagnin
  • Guy Roberts
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Hans Trompert
  • Harold Teunissen
  • Håvard Eidnes
  • Inder Monga
  • Indrek Rokk
  • Ivana Golub
  • Jani Myyry
  • Jeronimo Bezerra
  • Joel Busch
  • John Dyer
  • John MacAuley
  • Julio Ibarra
  • Jørgen Qvist
  • Kilongi Kayera
  • Kinga Dobrowolska-Baczkun
  • Kurt Bauer
  • Lars Fischer
  • Lars Lange Bjørn
  • Liam Kennedy
  • Luis Lopez
  • Magnus Strømdal
  • Marcin Garstka
  • Mian Usman
  • Migiel de Vos
  • Mwiza Mhango
  • Niall Donaghy
  • Nikos Kostopoulos
  • NIYUNGEKO Lambert
  • Olaf Schjelderup
  • Olav Kvittem
  • Peter Boers
  • Piotr Turowicz
  • Rick Havern
  • Rob Evans
  • Robert Tadevosyan
  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Rudolf Vohnout
  • Scott Richmond
  • Susanne Naegele-Jackson
  • Svein Undal
  • Szymon Trocha
  • Szymon Trocha
  • Thabotharan Kathiravelu
  • Tomasz Szewczyk
  • Vasilka Chergarova
  • Wilson Wasswa
  • Wouter Huisman
  • Xavier Jeannin
  • Yatish Kumar
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • Yves Poppe
  • Zimba Lúcia
  • 13 others
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