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SIG-Multimedia: Immersive visual experiences for research and education

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

During the May meeting we will be addressing topics of interactive video solutions and virtual reality / augmented reality solutions for the future of research and education. We will hear from both open-source and commercial technology providers and on the experiences with integration and future developments as well as how they comply with the open standards for education. You will also hear the experiences from various NRENs using or exploring these technologies.

Find out more: https://wiki.geant.org/display/Multimedia/3rd+SIG-Multimedia+Meeting

  • Alejandro Lara
  • Antonio de Castro
  • Bartek Idzikowski
  • Ben Fineman
  • David Vrtin
  • Eryk Skotarczak
  • Fanos Christophides
  • George Konnis
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Gytis Cibulskis
  • Jan Skorupa
  • José María Fontanillo
  • Leonardo Marino
  • Lisa Hewitt
  • Maciej Głowiak
  • Maciej Stróżyk
  • Marcin Dąbrowski
  • Marco António Silva
  • Markus Buerer
  • markus schneider
  • Maxime Pedrotti
  • Michael Gräve
  • Mihály Mészáros
  • Milos Liska
  • Monika Allöv Andersson
  • Nelson Dias
  • Peter Häggstrand
  • Renato Furter
  • Ryan Barber
  • Vesa Savolainen
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 3 others
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