eduGAIN Technical Webinars: eduGAIN Access Check

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

This webinar is the first of a series of webinars the eduGAIN team is
organizing on the key tools and services around eduGAIN.

eduGAIN Access Check (EAC)  is a fundamental tool provided to eduGAIN
Service Providers administrators to verify that proper attribute release is in place and actual eduGAIN users manage to successfully access the services.

This webinar will clarify the goals, the architecture, the functionality
provided by EAC and will demonstrate the usage of the service by means
of a demo.

Guillaume Rousse is a federation operator of the French federation FER,
and he is  responsible for the development of EAC.

  • Alessandro Tugnoli
  • Alisher Davlatov
  • Dalia Abraham
  • Edgar Arturo Castillo
  • Florian Döring
  • Giuseppe Giacomini
  • Jiayu Liu
  • Jordi Pujol Ahulló
  • János Mohácsi
  • Luciano Rocha
  • Maria Cristina Genesi
  • Mario Cosma Damiano Di Lorenzo
  • Martin Pavlik
  • Max Ruddy
  • Maximilian Staubach
  • Riccardo Fattorini
  • Simone Zenzaro
  • Stavros Alchatzidis
  • Thiago Moreira
  • Tomi Bozinovski
  • Willem Elbers
  • Xue Chenyi
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      eduGAIN Access Check

      This presentation will highlight the goals, architecture and provided functionality of the eduGAIN Access Check service.

      Presented by Guillaume Rousse, RENATER.

      Speaker: Guillaume Rousse