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TF-EDU Annual Community Meeting (Trieste, Italy - hybrid)

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet)

TF-EDU aims to bring people together across education activities and services, to address common issues faced by (N)RENs and their communities. We share knowledge and best practices from everything from strategy to tools to support education at the local, national and international level. At our TNC22 Community Meeting we will present the results from our annual survey and any trends after its third year in the field.  We will discuss the role of NRENs for supporting the digital infrastructure for education and present the plans and actions taken by SURF (Netherlands) and UHR (Sweden). Furthermore we will present community projects.

More detailed agenda can be found on the TF-EDU wiki pages.  

  • Alexander Blanc
  • Anja Knežević
  • Ann Doyle
  • Birgitta Hemmingsson
  • Christien Bok
  • Daniel Wüstenberg
  • David Vrtin
  • Eli Shmueli
  • Erik Kikkenborg
  • Geovanny Avendano
  • Gill Ferrell
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Harold Teunissen
  • Henrik Jensen
  • Hrvoje Lisac
  • Javier Valdiviezo
  • Jørgen Qvist
  • Leandro Guimaraes
  • Lluís Ariño Martin
  • Luiz Coelho
  • Magnus Strømdal
  • Markus Schneider
  • Michal Zimniewicz
  • Michiel Schok
  • Minette Henriksson
  • Monika Allöv Andersson
  • Nelson Dias
  • Olga Popcova
  • Ploutarchos Rigas
  • Rami Farran
  • Stefan Otto
  • Tania Altamirano
  • Tim Chown
  • Tomi Dolenc
  • Topi Litmanen
  • Valentin Pocotilenco
  • Vegard Moen
  • Vesa Savolainen
  • Wietze de Vries
  • Yve Marcial
  • 7 others
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