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SIG-Marcomms side event at TNC22

(Timezone - Europe/Rome)
TNC22 (Trieste, Italy)


Trieste, Italy
Lonneke Walk

The GÉANT Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications (SIG-Marcomms) will hold a side meeting at TNC22. The group will explore challenges and opportunities in the marketing communications work which supports the core business of research and education networks around the world. Participants will share their experiences and best practices and explore which TNC22 sessions and keynotes look promising for future marcomms work and collaborations.

The agenda for this meeting can be found on wiki.


This event is a TNC22 side meeting. In order to attend, participants will need to purchase a €30 side meeting pass on the TNC22 website.

  • Ajay Makan
  • Artemis Psarianou
  • Barbara Carroll
  • Cathrin Stöver
  • Christine Glaser
  • Cornelia Puhze
  • Damian Vicary
  • Davina Luyten
  • Effah Amponsah
  • Ela Yazdani
  • Elena Mina
  • Elis Bertazzon
  • Eunjin Hu
  • George Konnis
  • Goran Medenjak
  • Jane Gifford
  • Kathryn Anthonisen
  • Laetitia Lagneau
  • Leonardo Marino
  • Lonneke Walk
  • Marina Sahakyan
  • María José López Pourailly
  • Minna Lappalainen
  • Naira Kocharyan
  • Neringa Jackevičė
  • Nicky Wako
  • Olga Popcova
  • Paul Maurice
  • Rosanna Norman
  • STELA Tsirakis Toti
  • Tamara Gvenetadze
  • Tomi Dolenc
  • Yasmeen Alkouz
  • 1 other
Silvia Fiore, Communications Officer
The agenda of this meeting is empty