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TF-RED meeting (Trieste, Italy)

(Timezone - UTC)
Chris Atherton

TF-RED is the task force on research engagement and development. Our group works with researchers to understand their needs and requirements as well as promoting the values of the NREN community to research and user communities. Join us for our first face to face all hands in over two years to learn, discover and participate in growing the global research engagement community.

This event is a TNC22 side meeting. In order to attend, participants will need to purchase a €30 side meeting pass on the TNC22 website.

  • Alexei Belotserkovsky
  • Chris Atherton
  • Debora Reis
  • Edit Herczog
  • Eli Dart
  • Enzo Capone
  • Hrachya Astsatryan
  • Ieva Muraskiene
  • Mario Reale
  • María José López Pourailly
  • Olga Popcova
  • Tania Altamirano
  • Tom Kleiber
  • Yousef Torman
  • 1 other
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