eHealth Task Force meet up

(Timezone - Europe/Rome)
TNC22 conference (Trieste, Italy)

TNC22 conference

Trieste, Italy
Mario Reale (GEANT)

The GÉANT eHealth Task Force meets in person for the first time at TNC22 and makes the point on where we stand with the implementation of the work plan foreseen for the first year of activity.
The meeting is open to everyone in the community interested in eHealth and willing to voluntarily contribute to the activities and the discussions.
Discussions will focus on the analysis of what done so far, what to improve and what we can reasonably hope to achieve to support such an emerging domain, about which many NRENs have expresses both high interest and, however, a general, common lack of resources to assign to (with a few exceptions).

This event is a TNC22 side meeting. In order to attend, participants will need to purchase a €30 side meeting pass on the TNC22 website.

Remote participation will be supported
(no need to purchase pass for connecting from remote) .

Remote participation via Zoom at

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