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The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia)

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Tallinn, Estonia

The Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) is an annual gathering of technologists, educational administrators, performing artists, and faculty members. The workshop focuses on innovative technologies in the performing arts that utilise advanced networks provisioned by GÉANT, Internet2 and partners across the globe.

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Admission 12-14 Sep
Admission for local 12-14 Sep
Day admission for Monday 12 Sept
Day admission for Tuesday 13 September
Day admission for Wednesday 14 September
PC Admission 12-14 Sep
  • Eduard Reitman
  • Laurins Kristers
  • Marek Vilba
  • Nikita Shishkov
  • Oliver Rikkas
  • Toomas Nõgisto
  • Villem Endel Tiits
  • +46
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