GÉANT Infoshare - "The Digital Decade and Multi Country Projects – what is in it for me"

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)


The EC has published the Path to the Digital Decade Policy in November 2021. In this policy, among other matters, the EC describes how the “20% earmarked for digital” share of the RRF funding could be coordinated and implemented via Multi Country Projects. While the Digital Decade is mainly a policy for Industry, it is of note that specific activities could be coordinated in the research community.

The infoshare will explore how GEANT and NRENs could work together to potentially unlock national funding opportunities towards HPC and Quantum activities.





  • Beatrix Weber
  • Besnik Berisha
  • Esther Robles
  • János Mohácsi
  • Licia Florio
  • Nathalie McKenzie
  • Ognjen Prnjat
  • Piotr Rydlichowski
  • Rene Buch
  • Tomi Bozinovski
  • +86
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