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GÉANT Infoshare "Privacy and Security get together" at 13.00 CEST

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

This informal meeting is designed as a space to share and discuss the biggest every day challenges in privacy and security field from GEANT community. This meeting also serves the purpose of get to know each other in this difficult pandemic times. Everyone working and/or having interest in privacy and security will be welcomed. The meeting will not be recorded.

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Meeting ID: 649 2163 0502
Passcode: 250420

We will be discussing the news in the privacy field and any other business

Organized by

Ana Ribeiro Alves

Privacy and Security get together
  • Arnout Terpstra
  • Carlos Friacas
  • Francisco Monserrat
  • Ingimar Jonsson
  • Maarten Kremers
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Roderick Mooi
  • Vlado Pribolšan
The agenda of this meeting is empty