‘Cloud Management tools’ joint GÉANT-EUNIS workshop

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)



The aim of this workshop is to bring together our mutual communities of users, experts, and policy makers in higher education and research institutions, by exchanging knowledge, questions and experience, by addressing benefits and challenges from organisational, technical and managerial perspective.

We will briefly introduce the two organisations’ role and perspective regarding cloud management issues, will facilitate networking between attendees to address shared interests, expertise and challenges, and will present and explore functionality of tools that could be beneficial for attendees to know about.

Registration via an external site.



  • Welcome by Bas Cordewener, Board member EUNIS.
  • Introductions to EUNIS and GÉANT cloud activity:

        Denise Dittrich, Lead of EUNIS cloud community group.

        Maria Ristkok and Dave Heyns, leads of the GÉANT Cloud community.

  • Break-out groups for getting to know each other:

        Main interest and experience with cloud management, involvement and  experience in GÉANT/EUNIS activities, hopes & expectations for the                     joint exchanges.

        The OCRE IaaS+ Framework, introduction to the mini competition tool  by Garvan McFeeley, HEAnet.

  • Tools from the GÉANT community:

        GÉANT Cloud Flow by Dan Still, CSC.

        eduMEET videoconferencing tool by Bartlomiej Idzikowski,  PSNC.

  • Discussion and exchange on:

        The main challenges Cloud Management presents to universities.

        Possible role of GÉANT and EUNIS to help face the challenges.

        Ideas/topics for possible next GÉANT and EUNIS exchanges.

  • Next steps, reporting and close.
Organized by

Maria Ristkok