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Community Programme Infoshare

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

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What is the GÉANT Community Programme? What has it ever achieved? Who decides what activities are included? You are invited to an online infoshare event on 7 December 2021, 13:00 – 14:30 CET, where we will provide an overview of:

  • the GÉANT Community Programme and its current thematic areas across Special Interest Groups, Task Forces, bespoke workshops and collaborative projects, 
  • examples of success stories and how participating organisations have experienced value in their daily work, 
  • outputs that have originated from GÉANT Community Programme activities and how the lifecycle of those outputs can move forward, for example becoming part of the GÉANT project
  • how the programme reflects community needs, is steered by a community committee and can be adapted to include new topic areas and activities based on requests from you and other community members. 

Of course, we also want to get your feedback to help us better steer a direction for the future of the programme. The GÉANT Community Programme is a grassroots, voluntary initiative in which experts from NRENs, user organisations, research institutions, commercial and industrial sectors share information and best practices, discuss innovative ideas and develop services or other outputs that serve research and education. 

  • Adam Kaczmarek
  • Annette Langedijk
  • Artur Binczewski
  • Aurelija Gefeniene
  • Chrysostomos Tziouvaras
  • Claudio Allocchio
  • Claudio Pisa
  • Efraín García
  • Elena Mina
  • Eliakim Okundi
  • Erik-Jan Bos
  • Fulvio Galeazzi
  • George konnis
  • Goran Petkovski
  • Gyongyi Horvath
  • Harri Kuusisto
  • Helmut Sverenyák
  • Ivana Golub
  • Jeremy Sharp
  • Joao Miranda
  • Koen Schelkens
  • Laure Ruggieri
  • Lolke Boonstra
  • Magda Haver
  • Maria Ristkok
  • Mauro Campanella
  • Mawaba Liebe FAWIYA
  • Mikhail Натензон
  • Naira Kocharyan
  • Olga Popcova
  • Paul Maurice
  • Paul Rouse
  • Peter Bogatencov
  • Ramaz Kvatadze
  • Sandra Patricia Castiblanco González
  • Sarah Jones
  • Silvia Fiore
  • simon fenton-jones
  • Simone Visconti
  • Stefan Winter
  • Susanne Naegele-Jackson
  • Sylvia Kuijpers
  • Vassili Kovalev
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 3 others
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