RoEduNet 20th Conference

(Timezone - Europe/Bucharest)
(Iași, Romania)
Iași, Romania

The 20th edition of Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet's (Romanian Education Network) annual Conference organized online, under the patronage of Ministry of National Education of Romania, offers special opportunities for information exchange in computer networking: technical and strategic aspects, communication issues, and of course their applications in education and research.

Your experience and ideas are very interesting for us and for all the participants. You are welcome to participate. To stay informed about the 20th RoEduNet Conference, please create a user on conference website.

The conference will be organized online with help from our partners and sponsors.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon at the 20th Conference of  RoEduNet !!!

Organized by

Agency ARNIEC RoEduNet,
University "Al. I. Cuza" from Iași

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