CLAW 2021

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)


Charlie van Genuchten (SURF)

What Is Crisis Management? How does it work? How can we plan and be prepared when crisis hits? What are the best practices to respond effectively to a threat? Who should be involved?

These (and many more) are some of the questions we would like to see answered during the 5th edition of CLAW – Crisis Management Workshop for the GÉANT Community - happening online, on 7 December, 2021.

Community representatives from Communications, NOC, CSIRT and Information Security Management are welcome to join CLAW, so we can all work together around these issues, during training sessions and while safely experiencing a simulation exercise of a crisis situation.


  • To increase crisis management awareness.
  • To enhance crisis management skills.
  • To enable sharing best practices and horror stories.
  • To provide exercises, tools and training material.

WHAT will participants gain from CLAW?

  • Training on stress management, crisis communication or how to triage and prioritise during a crisis.
  • Knowledge on being prepared for a network or cyber crisis.
  • More know-how on crisis communication skills and management techniques.
  • A crisis exercise to test and enhance their teamwork  skills under pressure.
  • Carina Lamb
  • Carolina Fernández
  • Corina Gheorghe
  • Eligijus Rackauskas
  • Hadia Yaseen
  • Justinas Rastenis
  • Minoo Raki
  • Paul Sibley
  • Pedro Miguel Mendes da Silva
  • Petra Raszkova
  • Roderick Mooi
  • Stephan Jänecke
  • Susanne Groth
  • Vladislav Bidikov
  • +84