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GEANT International Infoshare

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

The InfoShare is aimed at GÉANT Members and Associate NRENs and will cover three areas:

  • International developments: a focus on key GÉANT International activities in collaboration with International REN partners and REN developments outside Europe
  • Intercontinental cable investment opportunities
  • International Information-sharing (GÉANT and GÉANT Member/Associate RENs): information-sharing wiki space; mailing list; topics for future InfoShares


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Meeting ID: 645 0020 5314
Passcode: 358835

  • Alexander van den Hil
  • Ana Pinto
  • Andreas Dudler
  • Duncan Greaves
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Eliana Alonso
  • Emma Apted
  • Eoin Kenny
  • Erik-Jan Bos
  • Esther Robles
  • Esther Wilkinson
  • francis Lee
  • George Konnis
  • Joao Nuno Ferreira
  • Leonie Schaefer
  • Marco Marletta
  • Marina De Giorgi
  • Mark Urban
  • Paul Maurice
  • Ramaz Kvatadze
  • Richard Lui
  • Robert Vietzke
  • sabrina gao
  • Sarah Jones
  • Sergei Kozlov
  • Stefan Winter
  • Steve Maddocks
  • Sue Tyley
  • Tom Fryer
  • Ulf Tonelid
  • Valter Nordh
  • Vlado Pribolsan
  • Wolfgang Pempe
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 6 others
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