Managing and running large scale Moodle system, for IT

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)
Nadav Kavalerchik (IUCC)

After an intensive year of accelerated online learning, we are gathered to share information, success stories, challenges and solution from IT perspective of running and managing large scale Moodle system.

The webinar will include a list of short presentation (20min each) from different institutions that will share best practice about running large scale Moodle systems, including ideas about improving system performances, server architectures, managing course, supporting users, system upgrades and security considerations.

After each presentation we will have a short (10min) Q&A.

We will end the webinar with an official speaker from Moodle HQ, talking about the future plans and roadmap of Moodle considering support for features relevant for large scale systems. (30min)

You are all welcome to join the daily discussion and shared information on our Telegram group:

The webinar will be recorded and later shared on the GÉANT website event page and wiki:

Registered participants will be able to join via the following Zoom link:

Please note that the link will open 30 minutes before the event.

  • Abigail Craviotto
  • Ainārs Siliņš
  • Alex Barchiesi
  • Andris Brugis
  • Anna-Maria Laattala
  • Ari Puttonen
  • Ayelet Kaminits
  • Behar Muji
  • Blaž Česnik
  • Bor Šumrada
  • Cemal Azim Orneksoy
  • Chrystel Nintcheu
  • Dardan Beqiri
  • David Azulay
  • Domagoj Horvatović
  • Eva Sula
  • Eyal Estrin
  • Ido Goldstein
  • Jonathan Kopel
  • Julian de la Morena Borja
  • Kiril G
  • Luuk Verhoeven
  • Marko Strang
  • Mattan Dor
  • Merja Laamanen
  • Nadav Daskal
  • Nejc Ačkun
  • Nelson Moller
  • Olga Sorkin
  • Rafael Gutiérrez
  • Rahman Pujianto
  • ronen ariely
  • Ruder Michael Rapajic
  • Vasiliki Kalfa
  • Vojdan Kjorveziroski
  • Víctor Déniz
  • Yael Lin
  • Yehuda Hauzner
  • Yoav Gez
  • Yoni Amikam
  • +60
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