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GÉANT Infoshare: Deploying In-band Network Telemetry (INT) on R&E networks

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

This GÉANT Infoshare will present the results to date from the development work and tests of In-band Network Telemetry (INT) performed by the data plane programming (DPP) team in WP6 T1 of the GÉANT GN4-3 project.

INT is an emerging new network monitoring technology that can help network operators get much deeper insight and understanding of the characteristics of their infrastructure and the applications running over it, but it also has implications for handling the potential large volumes of data generated. 

The DPP team is exploring INT solutions using the P4 programming language, which includes a set of tools that are being developed to test and gain familiarity with the technology and the possibilities it presents.

The Infoshare will present the very latest results and plans for future work on INT, and seeks to gather interest from NRENs and the R&E community in taking part in further tests towards validation and deployment of the technology in production R&E use cases. 



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  • Adam Kaczmarek
  • Alex Moura
  • Damian Parniewicz
  • David Richardson
  • Dónal Cunningham
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Eoin Kenny
  • Garwin Liu
  • Hank Nussbacher
  • Indrek Rokk
  • Ingimar Jonsson
  • Istvan Farkas
  • Ivan Garnizov
  • Ivana Golub
  • james burke
  • Jan Růžička
  • John Hay
  • Kurt Bauer
  • Leda Fiouri
  • Liam Kennedy
  • Lukasz Lopatowski
  • Magnus Bergroth
  • Marco Marletta
  • Marek Barczyk
  • Marija Emšo
  • Martin Brakl
  • Mauro Campanella
  • Michal Hazlinsky
  • Mick O'Donovan
  • Patrick Holahan
  • Robert Stoy
  • Robert Szuman
  • Robert Tadevosyan
  • Robert Wein
  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Shukri Wiener
  • Siyabonga Peter
  • Stelios Sartzetakis
  • Susanne Naegele-Jackson
  • Szymon Trocha
  • Tim Chown
  • Tomislav Hodalj
  • Tony Gray
  • Vlado Pribolsan
  • Xavier Jeannin
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi
  • 10 others